Friday, July 17, 2009

Does Silence Mean Approval?

As the NAACP celebrates 100 years of dreams, struggles and success, we honor them as we reflect on its history, past and future. Founded in 1909, largely as a response to lynchings and race riots, the founders of the NAACP were fed up with the seemingly indifferent Northern US and saw the need to organize a national conference to speak out against the racial injustice in the United States.

Over the years the NAACP was active through sit-ins (like the NC A&T students in 1960) demonstrations and legal influence for such laws such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the voting rights act.

As the socio-political environment has changed, the NAACP has changed and even struggled at times be what the current civil rights movement needs. Today, many are questioning the need for and relevance of the NAACP as an organization in light of the election of an African-American US President. Yes, it is still necessary even though the needs of the civil rights movement have matured through several generations. We have gone from a need for entitlement to empowerment, from black inclusion to global inclusion, from activist to advocate to educator.
Think about how the NAACP has directly impacted your matter who you are, you may be surprised at the impact this organization has had on your life as it is today.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rebranding Africa

As an African-American owner of a brand consulting firm, this article in today's edition of the New York Times drew my attention immediately. It talks about the significance of President Obama's visit to Ghana today and why he chose Ghana over Kenya. He ends the article with this statement:

"African is not just Barack Obama's homeland. It's ours too. The birthplace of humanity. Wherever our journeys have taken us, they all began there....until we accept and appreciate this we cannot be fully whole. Could it be that all Americans are, in that sense, African-Americans?"

REFLECTION:  I wonder...does Africa need to be re-branded? If so, who owns this re-branding process? Are we waiting for "others" (unacknowledged) to do it? Will the world one day accept/believe the knowledge that we are all one race? What do you think?

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