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January in Black History

At the end of each month we'll post a recap in Black History for the montFor the current month's black history notes, check out the Today in Black  History.

January 31 in Black History
Etta Moten
In 1865 - Congress passed the Thirteenth Amendment which, on ratification, abolished slavery in America. The vote in the House was 121 to 24. See the original proposal for the 13th proposal.
In 1988 - Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams, the first African American quarterback to play in a Super Bowl game, is named MVP in Super Bowl XXII.
In 1963 - James Baldwin's influential collection of essays, The Fire Next Time is published.
In 1962 - Lt Comdr. Samuel L. Gravely assumed command of destroyer escort, USS Falgout. Navy said he was the first Black to command a U.S. warship.
In 1962 - Samuel L Gravely becomes first Black person to command a U.S. warship
In 1934 - Etta Moten sings for President and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt at a White House Dinner. It is the first time an African American actress performs at the White House
In 1931 - Baseball star Ernie Banks, former Chicago Cub star, was born in Dallas, TX.
In 1920 - Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, founded at Howard was incorporated.
In 1919 - Baseball Great Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball, was born. In Cairo, Georgia on this date baseball great Jackie Robinson was born. The fifth African American to play major league baseball with a white team, Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, ending five decades of segregated baseball. At the time of his retirement in October 1972, Robinson is believed to have been the most respected of all baseball players.
In 1914 - Boxer Jersey Joe Walcott born; Boxer Jersey Joe Walcott was born Arnold Raymond Cream in Merchantville, New Jersey. Walcott won the World Heavyweight Championship from Ezzard Charles, whom he knocked out in the 7th round of their 1951 title bout in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Walcott had 69 professional fights. He won 30 of them by knock-out and was elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1969.

January 30 in Black History...
In 1979 - Franklin Thomas was named president of the Ford Foundation.
Satchel Paige
In 1965 - Leroy "Satchel" Paige, major league baseball player, named all-time outstanding player by National Baseball Congress In 1956 - Home of Martin Luther King Jr, Montgomery bus boycott leader, was bombed.
In 1945 - U.S. Rep. Floyd Flake was born in Los Angeles, California. A businessman and minister, Flake established the Allen Christian School and Allen Home Care Agency.
In 1944 - Sharon Pratt Dixon, first woman Mayor of Washington, was born
In 1927 - Harlem Globetrotters formed
In 1910 - Inventor Granville T. Woods dies in New York City on January 30, 1910.
John Parker
In 1900 - John Parker, Underground Railroad Conductor died; Born: 1827 Died: January 30, 1900 Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia John P. Parker was born in Norfolk, Virginia , the son of a white father and a slave mother. He was sold to a slave agent from Richmond, Virginia at age eight. Parker worker for two years at a foundry and the New Orleans docks as a stevedore and purchased his freedom from his earnings. The price of freedom for John P.Parker in 1845 was $1800. In 1845, Parker obtained a pass to travel north to Indiana, where he was lured by the work offered in foundries near New Albany or Jefferson, Indiana. Near Cincinnati, Parker began his career as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad. Helping a local Negro barber, Parker was able to remove two young girls from Kentucky to freedom in Indiana and Ohio. "He devoted his life to forays in Kentucky, to scouting on both sides of the Ohio River, to taking care of the helpless slaves who had found their way to Ohio and could not get across, to actual fighting for them and against their pursuing masters." Parker before the Emanicipation Proclamation, took an active role in removing an estimated 1000 slaves from bondage. Unlike other abolitionists Parker remained separate from organized church groups, which he viewed as an 'enemy of the people.'
In 1858 - William Wells Brown, novelist and dramatist, publishes first Black drama, "Leap to Freedom"
In 1844 - Richard Theodore Greener becomes the first African American to graduate from Harvard University
In 1800 - United States population: 5,308,483 Black population 1,002,037 (18.9 per cent).
In 1797 - Congress refused to accept the first recorded petitions from American Blacks.
In 1797 - Birth of Sojourner Truth was born a slave in Hurley, New York.
In 1797 - 1st Black Interstate organization; Boston Masons, led by Prince Hall, established first Black interstate organization, creating lodges in Philadelphia and Providence, Rhode Island.

January 29 in Black History...
Sharon Barnes
In 1991 - Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, and Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi held the first talks for almost 30 years between predominantly Zulu Inkatha and the ethnically mixed African National Congress.
In 1991 - Sharon J. Barnes, Chemist at Dow Chemical; Sharon J. Barnes, Chemist at Dow Chemical part of a team of five (two African Americans) who were assigned U.S. Patent #4,988,211 for an application in Infra-Red Thermography In 1981 - William R. "Cozy" Cole, jazz drummer, dies. His recording of "Topsy" became the only drum solo to sell more than one million records.
In 1966 - Charles Mahoney, first Black American delegate to the UN, died
In 1955 - Heavyweight Boxer John Tate born; Birthday of heavyweight boxer John Tate, who was born in Marion City, Arkansas. Tate won the vacant World Boxing Association title in 1979 from South African Gerrie Coetzee.
In 1954 - Oprah Winfrey birthday; American television personality whose syndicated daily talk show is among th most popular was born in Kosciusko, Miss.
In 1926 - Violette Neatley Anderson the first African American woman admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court
In 1913 - Fiftieth Anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation; Black Americans celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation. Major celebrations were held at Jackson, Mississippi, New Orleans and Nashville. Three states--Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey--appropriated money for official celebrations of the event.
In 1908 - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, founded at Cornell, is incorporated.
In 1872 - Franics L Cardoza elected State Treasurer of South Carolina

January 28 in Black History...
In 1997, At South Africa's Truth Commission, police confessed to the 1977 murder of Steve Biko.
In 1989, Darkie Tooth Paste Changed. After 62 years, the Colgate-Palmolive Co. redesigned packaging for its "Darkie" tooth paste made and sold only in Asia. The nickname for Darkie tooth paste was renamed "Darlie" and the blackface sambo like character was changed into a "non-racially offensive" silhouette.
In 1986, Astronaut Ronald McNair died in the space shuttle Challenger disaster. Surviving him are his wife Cheryl McNair and children.
In 1970, Arthur Ashe, first Black male to win Wimbledon, is denied entry to compete on the US Team for the South African Open tennis championships due to Ashe's sentiments on South Africa's racial policies
In 1963, Black student Harvey Gantt entered Clemson College in South Carolina, the last state to hold out against integration.
In 1944, Matthew Henson receives a joint medal by Congress for his role as co-discoverer of the North Pole. In 1938, Crystal Byrd Fauset was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Fauset was the first Black woman elected to a state legislature.
In 1934, Baseball Outfielder William "Bill" White was born in Lakewood, Ohio. Now baeball's National League President, White played in 1,673 games and ended his career with a .286 batting average on 1,706 hits. He won the Golden Glove award in 1960 and 1966
In 1901, Richmond Barthe, sculptor, was born.
In 1787, Free Africa Society organized in Philadelphia.
In 1960, Zora Neale Hurston ~ (celebrated writer of the Harlem Renaissance) dies in Durham, North Carolina

January 27 in Black History...
1. 1973 - Joseph Lowze named auxillary Bishop of Missippii
2. 1972 - Mahalia Jackson, gospel music legend, dies this day in Evergreen Park,ILL.
3. 1961 - Leontyne Price, world renowed opera singer, makes her debut at the Metropolitan Opera House
4. 1952 - Ralph Ellison's powerful novel, Invisible Man, wins the National Book Award.
5. 1869 - Will Marion Cook, noted composer and conductor, was born.
6. 1863 54th Regiment, a Black infantry unit, was formed.
7. 1893 Bessie Coleman, first Black American woman aviator, was born.
8. 1948 Executive Order 9981, to end segregation in US Armed Forces is signed by President Harry Truman

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January 26 in Black History...
1. 1990 - Pioneering Black Women - In 1990, Elaine Weddington Steward was named assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox, making her the first Black woman executive of a professional baseball organization.
2. 1990 - Pioneering Black Women - In 1990, Elaine Weddington Steward was named assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox, making her the first Black woman executive of a professional baseball organization.
3. 1948 - Executive Order 9981, to end segregation in US Armed Forces is signed by Preside - Executive Order 9981, to end segregation in US Armed Forces is signed by President Harry Truman
4. 1944 - Activist, Angela Davis was born - Activist, Angela Davis was born
5. 1940 - Army Brig. Gen. Sherian Grace CAdoria born. - Birthday of Army Brig. Gen. Sherian Grace Cadoria, in Marksville, Louisiana. A graduate of Southern University, Gen. Cadoria was the highest ranking African American woman officer in the US Armed Forces at the end of 1990.
6. 1893 - First Black American woman aviator - First Black American woman aviator, Bessie Coleman was born, 1893
7. 1893 - First Black American woman aviator, Bessie Coleman was born, 1893 - First Black American woman aviator, Bessie Coleman was born, 1893
8. 1863 - 54th Regiment was formed - Black infantry unit, 54th Regiment was formed, MA 1863
9. 1863 - War Department authorized Massachusetts governor - War Department authorized Massachusetts governor to recruit Black troops. The Fifty-fourths Massachusetts Volunteers was first Black regiment recruited in North.
10. 1863 - USCT - The Secretary of War authorizes the governor of Mass. to recruit African American troops.

January 25 in Black History...
1. 1980 - Black Entertainment Television - BET - Black Entertainment Television {BET} - first black owned company to be listed on the NYSE, begins broadcasting from Washington, DC.  Check out EH post here:

2. 1999 - Rev. Henry Lyons goes on trial for embezzlement - Rev. Henry Lyons, president of National Baptist Convention, USA goes on trial for 54 counts of embezzlement, bank/wire fraud and extortion. NBC, USA is the largest Black denominational convention in the US with an estimated membership of 8.5 million.
3. 1972 - Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm begins her campaign - Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm begins her campaign for President of the U.S.
4. 1966 - Constance Baker Motley - Constance Baker Motley - becomes the first african american woman to be appointed to a federal judgeship
5. 1950 - Gloria Naylor, born - Writer, Gloria Naylor, born
6. 1890 - National Afro-American League, Pioneer Black - National Afro-American League, Pioneer Black protest organization, founded at Chicago meeting. Joseph C. Price, President of Livingstone College, was elected president.
7. 1851 - Sojourner Truth addressed the first Black Women's Rights Convention, Akron Ohio - Sojourner Truth addressed the first Black Women's Rights Convention, Akron Ohio

January 23 in Black History
In 1941,Richard Wright wins the Spingarn Medal for "Native Son."
In 1837, Amanda Berry Smith, born into slavery, becomes an independent missionary and travels the U.S. and three other continents.
In 1964, the 24th Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified. It abolishes poll tax
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January 22 in Black History
In 1920, William Warfield, concert bass-baritone singer, was born
In 1931, Sam Cook was born.
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January 20 in Black History
In 2009 President Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States and the first African-American president of the United States.
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January 18 in Black History
In 1975, "The Jeffersons" premiered on television.
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January 16 in Black History
In 1776, Continental Congress approved Washington's order on the enlistment of free Blacks.
In 1920, Zeta Phi Beta was founded at Howard University.
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January 15 in Black History
In 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. born in Atlanta.  MLK day is celebrated the 3rd Monday in January each year.  Check out EH post here:
In 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded at Howard Universityin Washington, D.C.
In 1961, "The Supreme" signed with Motown.
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January 14 in Black History
In 1972 "Sanford and Son" premeired on NBC.
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January 13 in Black History
In 1953, Don Barksdale became the first Black person to play in an NBA All-Star Game.
In 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at Howard University
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January 12 in Black History
In 2010 Haiti has an earthquake that leaves the nation paralyzed.  Check out EH post here:
January 9 in Black History

In 1866, Fisk University opened for classes in Nashville, Tennessee
In 1914, Phi Beta Sigma was founded at Howard University
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January 7 in Black History...
In 1955, Marian Anderson becomes first Black person to appear in the Metropolitan Opera House in Verdi's Masked Ball.
In 1901, Zora Neale Hurston was born.
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In 2011, Bobby Robinson, Harlem record producer dies.  Check out EH post here:

January 6 in Black History
In 1968, John Singleton, director and screenwriter was born.
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January 5 In Black History
In 1943….. George Washington Carver Day is now celebrated on January 5 in honor of the brilliant agricultural chemist who died on this day in 1943.
In 1911, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded at Indiana University.
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January 1 in Black History...

In 1997 - The former prison for Nelson Mandela and many other South Africans is turned into a museum at Robben Island.
2. 1997 - Kofi Annan of Ghana becomes first black secretary of United Nations.
3. 1996 - Picture of Rosa Parks taken by Bob Bozarth at Langston University
4. 1960 - Cameroon gains independence
5. 1959 - Edimnia Lewis was born to a Chippewa mother and African father...given the indian name Wildfire. In the fall of 1859 she admiting in Oberlin College, and later studied sculpting privately with Edmund Brackett. Lewis became known for her busts of famous figures as Abraham Lincoln, Longfellow and John Brown. Her Staue ''The Death of Cleopatra', received critical acclaim. Most popular was her "Forever Free..depicting African American man and woman removing their shackles.

6. 1956 - Sudan proclaimed independent
7. 1916 - First issue of Journal of Negro History published
8. 1912 - Second annual report of the NAACP listed total receipts from May through December, 1911, of $10,317.43. Organization had local chapters in Chicago, Boston and New York.
9. 1863 - President Lincoln signed Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves in rebel states with exception of thirteen parishes (including New Orleans) in Louisiana, forty-eight countries in West Virginia, seven countries (including Norfolk) in Eastern Virginia. Proclamation did not apply to slaves in Border States.
10. 1863 - The Emancipation Proclamation,(freed all the slaves in the slave states), 1863
11. 1860 - Black Code in Arkansas - A law went into effect in Arkansas which prohibited the emplotyment of free blacks on boats and ships navigating the rivers of that state.
12. 1854 - The oldest Historically Black University in the US, Lincoln University is incorporated, 1854
13. 1854 - Lincoln University, one of the first Black colleges, chartered as Ashmun Institute in Oxford, Pennsylvania.
14. 1831 - William Lloyd Garrison published first issue of abolitionist journal, The Liberator.
15. 1808 - The African Benevolent Society for Education is found, 1808
16. 1808 - International Slave Trade was abolished.
17. 1808 - the federal law prohibiting the importation of African slaves went into effect.
18. 1804 - Jean Jacques Dessalines proclaimed independence of Haiti, the second republic in the Western Hemisphere.
19. The Last day of Kwanzaa  is Imani which means Faith

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