Thursday, December 30, 2010

Picketing and Publishing

On December 30 in Black History...

In 1892 - Physician, Dr Miles V Lynk, published the Medical and Surgical Observer, the first Black medical journal on December 30.

In 1929 - The "Don't Buy Where You Can't Work" campaign began on December 30 in Chicago with picketing of Chain stores on South Side, fall. The campaign spread to New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles and other cities and continued throughout the Depression.   Here's a video interview with Oliver Hill, a civil rights attorney:

In 1933, Belford Vance Lawson, Jr. . Lawson along with John A. Davis, Sr. and N. Franklin Thorne founded the New Negro Alliance (NNA)in Washington, D.C. to combat white-owned businesses in black neighborhoods that would not hire black employees.  In response, some businesses arranged for an injunction to stop the picketing. Lawson, the lead attorney, with assistance by Thurgood Marshall, fought back – all the way to the United States Supreme Court in New Negro Alliance v. Sanitary Grocery Co. (1938) that safeguarded a right to boycott.   This became a landmark case in the struggle by African Americans against discriminatory hiring practices, and Don't Buy Where You Can't Work groups multiplied throughout the nation. The NNA estimated that by 1940, the group had secured 5,106 jobs for blacks because businesses could not afford to lose sales during the Great Depression. (retrieved Dec 30, 2010),_Jr. (retrieved Dec 30, 2010) (retrieved Dec 30, 2010) (retrieved Dec 31, 2010) (retrieved Dec 31, 2010)
Michele F. Pacifico, “ ‘Don't Buy Where You Can't Work': the New Negro Alliance of Washington,” Washington History 6-1 (spring-summer 1994): 66-88.

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