Monday, January 2, 2012

Jimi Solanke, Master Storyteller

"if you lose your the depth of your cultural perspectives as an artist, you have nothing to say.."
Jimi Solanke

Jimi Solanke was featured on today's episode of CNN's "African Voices."  This 69 year old Nigerian Master Storyteller has been telling stories for decades.

He's a man of many voices, many faces, and many tales. Whether it's through music, dancing, or his art, Nigerian Jimi Solanke is a master of telling local folk stories. Success and fame came with two children's television shows - Storyland and African Stories - broadcast across Nigeria. Referred to fondly as "Uncle Jimi", Solanke also takes his acting into the rural villages to train aspiring artists. CNN told the story of 69 year-old Jimi Solanke, as told by Jimi Solanke, keeping his Yoruba culture alive.

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