Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Access Granted to The Voice

“We are pleased to confirm that the International Olympic Committee has awarded an accreditation to the BOA, which will be allocated to The Voice.”   
statement by the British Olympic Association

When it was reported that The Voice had been denied accreditation to the Games last week it provoked public outcry throughout Britain when it was revealed that its leading black newspaper would not be able to cover the Games.

Thanks to everyone who spoke up on behalf of The Voice and also to those who signed the petition as well.

George Ruddock
"The Voice is indebted to the all our readers, supporters and the media who supported our application. Accrediation to the games will allow us to provide our readers with greater coverage from a black prospectitive. Finally, thanks to the IOC for granting The Voice accreditation."   
Managing Director of The Voice, George Ruddock

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