Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For those Carlton's out there...

I am trying not to read much more in the news about the case(sensory overload), especially articles or statements from those who are defending the murderer as if he had no choice but to shoot an unarmed kid and/or those who are criminalizing the victim whose voice cannot be heard from the grave.  For those who think profiling does not happen and if it does it rarely results in "real" harm, you must not have had it happen to you or someone you love yet.  For those of us who understand, let's get busy!

Will and Carlton in jail
Tonight I remembered the episode of the Fresh Prince when Will and Carlton are driving their Dad's law partner's Mercedes down to Palm Springs as  a favor to him and get lost.  While driving in a rich neighborhood, they get pulled over and the officers assume that they have stolen the car.  Carlton, who lived in a bubble most of his life, was pretty much oblivious to the profiling that was going on.

This episode it is comical, however in real life many of us don't have an "Uncle Phil" to come bail us out of jail...

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