Friday, August 30, 2013

Saying Yes to Community

This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washiington. There were several speakers in attendance, but one of my favorite moments came during Bernice King's speech which she echoed her father's question 50 years ago - "Where do we go from here?". She said we must say no to chaos and yes to community. She continued on to urge us to follow the advice of the prophet Nehemiah when you hear the sound of the trumpet, come together.

Bernice King, March on Washington 2013
So what does that mean for us today?  It means we should get busy in our communities doing the work of building, not tearing down.  Is it enough to just talk?  No, every person should get busy rebuilding.  Get busy voting.  Get busy feeding our kids.  Get busy educating our kids.  Get busy helping one another.  That's what saying YES to community looks like.  Ask yourself today...what are you doing in your community?

Here is a clip from Bernice King's speech on the 50th anniversary March on Washington this past Wednesday:

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