Monday, September 2, 2013

Racial Identity Development Across the Diaspora

We have often explored issues of Black racial identity of African-Americans.  Today I ran across a blog post that made me consider racial identity across the African Diaspora.

Quite simply put, identity is a person's comprehension of themselves as a discrete, separate entity.  Racial identity development as often discussed in America is actually not based on ethnicity alone, but on culture as well.  Since history has produced varied experiences across the African diaspora, we recognize that racial identity development varies as well.  But people of African descent experience it differently in other countries.

"in the US, “one drop” of “black blood”, or African ancestry, made one black regardless of their physical appearance, many believe that, in Brazil, one drop of “white blood”, or European ancestry, could make one non-black or in some cases, white."

Read one man's experience of racial identity development in Brazil on the Black Women in Brazil blog on these two blogs here:

These are both great blogs and provide perspectives that are often not considered in America.

What do you learn about your own racial identity when considering how it differs in other countries?

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