Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in Black History

Each month we'll list daily black history notes for the month.  Here's what happened in March in Black History:

On March 31 in Black History…
In 1999, Toni Morrison wins the Pulitzer Prize for her novel Beloved
In 1901, U.S. Navy Seaman Alphonse Gerandy, serving on the US Petrel, risked his own life to safe crewmen during a fire. His Medal of Horor was presented in 1902.
In 1895, Lizzie Miles was born.

On March 30 in Black History…
In 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified, securing voting rights for all male U.S. citizens.

On March 15 in Black History…
In 1933, Leon H. Washington founded the Los Angeles Sentinel.

On March 12 in Black History…
In 1982, Charles Fuller wins the Pulitzer Prize for A Soldier's Play
In 1773, Jeanne Baptiste Pointe de Sable founded settlement now known as Chicago, Ill, 1773.
In 1912, Dorothy Height was born.
In 1936, Virginia Hamilton, juvenile fiction writer, born
In 1962, Darryl Strawberry, New York Mets controversial star outfielder was born in Los Angeles.

On March 7 in Black History…
In 1965 - Civil Rights March in Alabama
In 1985, " We Are the World" single is released to benefit African famine.
In 1945 - Anthony Bonair, photographer, born
In 1917 - Janet Collins, ballerina was born in New Orleans, Louisiana
In 1859 - Blacks Declared Non-Citizens of US - The Acting Commissioner of General Lands for the United States, J.S. Wilson, stated that blacks were not citizens of the United States, and therefore were not legally entitled to preempt public lands.In 1539 - Estavanico Dorantes, a black Moorish slave, led a Spanish expedition to the southwestern North Ameican continent in search for El Dorado, the lost City of Gold. Their search is unsuccessful and Estavanico is later killed by native peoples.

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