Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ujamaa... Cooperative Economics

On today this fourth day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics. We are encouraged to build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses, and to profit from them together.

In the spirit of Ujamaa, I wanted to highlight a few black owned small businesses that I personally patron across the country.

Virtual Leap
Trinita McCormick, Owner
Raleigh, North Carolina
Virtual Leap is a virtual administrative professional company where we give you the JUMP on the competition! What is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in the day of a business owner? They need more time to get everything accomplished! Our primary goal at Virtual LEAP is to free up more TIME in the day of small business owners, entrepreneurs and busy individuals to focus on true revenue generating activity. How do we create more time? We create more time by performing the administrative tasks that while necessary to support the business, do not alone generate profit for the business owner.

The Cookie Lady's Bakery & Cafe
Necola Adams, Owner
Merced, California
Mrs. Adams is back, creating "COOKIES WITH AN ATTITUDE" as well as delicious lunch menu for dining in or carry out. You can even enjoy our most convenient free delivery service. MRS ADAMS has tried her recipes from MERCED to HOLLYWOOD, serving gourmet & deli delights to family, friends and to the STARS!!

Divine Creations Hair Designs

Kay Owens, CEO and Expert Stylist
Kesalynn Wiley, CFO
Tira Merrick (not the owner but my favorite stylist in the salon:) )
Divine Creations Hair Designs…the dream of two sisters, who turned their vision into reality.
Fifty years ago their grandmother, Lady Eloise, worked hard to open her first salon called Reed's Beauty Salon. It didn't take long for hair to become second nature to eldest sister, Kay, who spent her days growing up in the salon and attained a passion for it. Ten years later, Kay struck out on her own, knowing her younger sister shared the dream of running her own business and had a vision for success. With Kay's experience as an expert stylist and Kesalynn's (Kesa) education as a Finance major, the siblings collaborated and opened Divine Creations Hair Designs. Their goal was to offer unique services, otherwise lacking in other salons and open 7 Days a Week.  Together with each other's expertise, they generated a formula for success. Today, Divine Creations is a viable business ran and managed by Kay Owens, Expert Stylist & CEO and Kesalynn Wiley, middle sister & CFO. Thus, from the hard work of a grandmother, to the dream of sisters, through more hard work and prayer…they turned their vision into reality.

The Kwanzaa candles and harvest
Symbols of Kwanzaa
Find out more about Kwanzaa:

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