Friday, March 18, 2011

Fair Trade, Not Aid for Rwandan Women

"Every time you watch the news and anything about Africa comes on, nine out of ten times it will be about organisations working in Africa that need the aid...I do appreciate that these organisations couldn't function without the aid, but on the other hand there are companies that don't require aid." 
Salha L Kaitesi, Rwandan Entrepreneur

Salha L Kaitesi
The Beauty of Rwanda is all about creating a platform for the Rwandan women to draw income from fair trade, and not aid from donors. Kaitesi speaks passionately about fair trade being a sustainable option for the African continent.
In late 2010 Kaitesi founded the company Beauty of Rwanda which  recently launched Only One Basket.  The idea behind Only One Basket is that buying a single item would help advance trade and better lives of the producers. The trade fair will be taken to Kigali, the Rwandan capital, in May. After Kigali, the aim is to take the crafts to various trade channels. "We plan on having as many "only one basket" events as possible. You never know, we could be in your city soon," Kaitesi said.

"Africa is a rich continent and with the right platform the whole continent is capable of sustaining itself."
Salha L Kaitesi

Kaitesi has been named as one of 20 inspirational women of African Diaspora in Europe 2011 by the organisation African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe. So, what does this well-recognised and inspirational, yet down-to-earth African woman think the future holds for her Rwandan counterparts?
"Rwandan women believe that the sky is the limit. They are committed, hard working individuals. Their strength and contribution to the economy in Rwanda is there for all to see. I cannot help but envision a brighter future for Rwandan women."

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