Thursday, March 31, 2011

March in Black History

Here's what happened in March in Black History:

On March 31 in Black History...
In 1878 - Jack Johnson, boxer was born; Boxer, controversial heavyweight champion (1908-15) and 1st black to hold title; defeated Tommy Burns for crown at age 30; fled to Europe in 1913 after Mann Act conviction; lost title to Jess Willard in Havana, but claimed to have taken a dive; pro record 78-8-12.
In 1901 - Navy Seaman Alphonse Girandy wins Medal of Honor; U.S. Navy Seaman Alphonse Gerandy, serving on the US Petrel, risked his own life to safe crewmen during a fire. His Medal of Horor was presented in 1902.

In 1856 - Henry Ossian Flipper, the first African American graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, was born in Thomasville, Georgia. Enduring heavy racism during his schooling, Flipper went on to establish a military career. This was ended however after he was falsely accused of embezzling funds.
In 1980 - Jesse Owens, Gold Medalist, died; Owens four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics, 1936.
In 1960 - Eighteen students suspended by Southern University; Southern Univerisity students rebelled March 31, boycotted classes and requested withdrawal slips. Rebellion collapsed after death of professor from heart attack.
In 1960 - Laurian Rugambwa of Tanzania becomes the first black Roman Catholic Cardinal.
In 1948 - Black Youths Urged to Resit Induction; A. Phillip Randolph told Senate Armed Services Committee that unless segregation and discrimination were banned in draft programs he would urge Black youths to resist induction by civil disobedience.
In 1930 - Nomination of Judge John J. Parker; President Hoover nominated Judge John J. Parker of North Carolina for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. The NAACP launched a national campaign against the appointment. Parker was not confirmed by the Senate.
In 1850 - United States Population: 23,191,876. Black population: 3,638,808 (15.7 per cent).
In 1741 - Slave conspiracies and fires cause Hysteria; Succession of suspicious fires and reports of slave conspiracies created hysteria in New York in March and April. Thirty-one slaves and five whites were executed.

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