Friday, March 4, 2011

Is this really a big deal???

Here it seems the LA Clippers made two mistakes right off the bat...well at least according to the article below:

Some incidents are totally a non-issue while other incidents are blatant cases of racism and prejudice. But what about all the incidents that fall in between the extreme ends of the spectrum???
The fact that they planned the event after Black History Month, however, is a non-issue. They were honoring the month with a community service event. There is nothing wrong with it happening outside of February.

The fact that they were targeting disadvantaged youth in honor of Black History Month....well....that falls in between the spectrum as it is clearly more of a cultural education/ sensitivity issue. It could be considered offensive to assume that all black kids are considered disadvantaged youth. But should we make a big deal and boycott the Clippers or accuse them of prejudice??? Of course not.

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EH Canvas Spotlight - Flow by Monica Stewart
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